How runners can improve legs’ strength

At mile 20 of the 1993 world championships marathon, mark plaatjes was trailing the leader by more than a minute. Then he kicked into overdrive and overtook Lucketz Swartbooi to win the race. Plaatjes, now 45, credits his surge not only to high mileage and track work, but also to the time…

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Five lessons from a year of ultrarunning

Before this year, I was a reasonably proficient marathon runner (PB: 2hr 50min), but I had never run an ultra – a foot race longer than a marathon. Intrigued by the ever-growing popularity of these races, I decided to ratchet up the distances. I ended up running six ultras in 2017, the…

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Building confidence along with fitness

Everyone has those days when they’re feeling kind of down on themselves and their self-esteem is in need of some major TLC. When you feel that way, you might vent to a friend you trust, or journal about your feelings, but you might not know that working out makes you more confident from the…

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Best ways to pace your training race perfectly

Sometimes the best way to speed up is to slow down. If you’re dead set on becoming a better runner, one of the most crucial skills to master is controlling your pace. We’ve tapped British long-distance gold medalist and New Balance athlete Kate Avery (@KateAvery12) to reveal the tips and tricks you…

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Cyclo-cross training: getting started

September and October usually signify the end of the racing season. As fewer road cycling, mountain biking, and triathlon events are on the racing calendar, there is one event that is just getting started. Cyclocross is a mix of cycling and running and depends on the wet winter months to host its…

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Diary of a fourth category racer

Chuck into the mix some of the foulest weather I have ever ridden a bike in (icy rain and a little bit of snow right before the off), plus my general nerves about racing for the first time, and it was always going to go badly. After a couple of laps to…

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Appreciation of healthy lifestyle

Think back to the last time you had a major cold or flu – the last time you had a fever and body aches so bad your hair hurt. The thousand daggers in your throat, the puffy, burning eyes, the roaring headache, the plugged sinuses and clogged lungs, the crippling fatigue. In the throes,…

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All you need to know about marathons

Distance running tends to inspire strong feelings in both its most zealous adherents and also its staunchest opponents. But even for those who under most circumstances would rather chug antifreeze than “go for a jog,” the idea of being Someone Who Ran a Marathon is an undeniably alluring one. Any athlete who…

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